The ATOS VR10 is an evolution of the VRQ. Features like the Winglets and an adjustable v-tail are still part of the design. A new designed connection between sail and ribs and a new, stiffer flap are the main changes of the newest generation of our gliders. Together with a slightly optimized interaction of tail trim and flap setting, these seemingly small changes have a remarkable effect on handling and performance.

Test flights after these changes led to a modified wing twist distribution showing improved speedbar pressure over the whole speed range of the VR10. Moderate forces at average gliding and a defined increase in bar pressure at higher speeds without any divergence make the new VR-10 the perfect glider for ambitious cross-country and competition pilots. Still the handling qualities while thermalling are the best available.

A Technora sail is available as an option fort the VR10. The stiffer material leads to less sail deformation and a better defined aerofoil at all velocities.

Technical Data

Span: 13,8 m
Wing area: 14,3 m2
Aspect ratio: 13,4
Min. sink rate: 0,63 m/s
Glider weight: 41,5 kg
Min. take-off weight: 90 kg
Max. take-off weight: 180,5 kg
Transport dimensions: 5,15x0,48x0,2 m
Rigging/derigging: approx. 18 Minuten
Certification: DHV 3E
Spars can be transported seperately



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