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With the experiences from two generations of rigid wings and a high-motivated team Felix Ruehle designed the first ATOS in 1998 and led it to production stage in 1999 and production.

Consistent advancement
The ATOS - a rigid wing with clear superiority in conception and performance. The results of the
competitions and OLC - en-route flights speak for itself. Since 1999 was reached all world champion titles in the rigid wing class on ATOS.
Whether for spare time, competition pilot or "changers" from paraglider to hanging gliders: With the ATOS one did not develop so far for synthesis possible held from security, performance and flight pleasure.

Practical construction
By the use of freely carrying carbon fiber cross-beams in connection with folding ribs, rib tension adjusters,
curving flaps and spoilers, which are hit and packed simply with the sail, as well as some other well considered details a fast up and reduction are guaranteed. All fittings are optimized in form, sizing and function. The possibility the ATOS up to date to update to be able, means a good preservation of value. With hard landings removable and sections unique which can be controlled take up a part of the energy and protect so the basic carbon fiber construction. The luggage measure short despite high span (5.15 m or. 5.85 m) and an acceptable weight make the ATOS without reservation everyday life suited. It is to be transported with most mountain railways. For the reduction of the weight which can be carried the possibility of the divided feed exists.

Flight characteristics
The control movements correspond to the hanging glider principle. By
the application of finely co-ordinated control surfaces (spoilers) on
the upper gel the ATOS with few energy.
Its effectively working curving flap enables an optimal adjustment of the profile characteristics in all phases of the flight. The result: High lift and small stable rate when starting, small sinking in the thermikflug, minimization of the profilwiderstandes in the fast gliding flight as well as an accurate gliding angle price increase for a landing on closest space.

Our experience is security
Simple and error-forgiving start and landing behavior, uncomplicated and strength-poor control engineering as well as a unique feedback by progressively rising handle printing were the demands with the development of the ATOS.
The high number of items of over 1250 delivered aircraft and a constantly growing number at content RK OS pilots acknowledge the matured concept. Experience by device CHECKS and care of our competition pilots with the most important international competitions benefits our model maintenance.
All carbon fiber components are manufactured out to aviation-certified materials and with professional manufacturing processes. The constructions are characterised by a smaller weight as well as by a substantially higher life span than comparable metal designs.



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