The Team

Felix Rühle

CEO and founder of A-I-R
Aerospace Engineer
Innovator, development, customer service and test flying

Andreas Nagel Andreas Nagel
Aerospace Engineer
Design and prototyping
Johannes Straub

Aerospace Engineer
Design, prototyping and test flights

Tim Grabowski Tim Grabowski

Company pilot, checks and repairs

Olga Stuefer

Best cook in the known world

Timo Knauer

Administration and customer service

Milan Novtny Ultralight Design
Milan Novtny
Czech Republic
Production of carbon fiber composite parts
Aeroprodukt d.o.o.
Sreco Mohar
Production of our carbon fiber spars

Delta Fly
Hans Madreiter
Forchenweg 37
D-71134 Aidlingen
Manufacturer of Atos sails



A·I·R · GmbH+Co · Sesselbahnstrasse 8 · D- 87642 Halblech/Buching

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