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Tag der offenen Tür 2014

Since the first appearance at the World Hang Gliding Championships in Annecy we got very good reports from our pilots about the new keel. The pilots like the more smooth flying in rough air and the optimized handling of flaps and v-tail.

But this new tail also allows more decreased wing sweep and wing twist. Additional to the easily expectable increase of glide ratio and lower sink rate, we could archive a much lower influence from spoilers and thermal turbulences to the pitch of the glider.

The geometrie of the outer wing is changed to the VRS geometrie, this results in a unbelievable better sink ratio and also lower stall speed.

Even thermal circling has been improved, the new ATOS VR+ feels even more stable in thermals with low and high bank angle.

The use of even more advanced materials allowed to keep the weight at par to the ATOS VR.

These changes adds up to a noticeable better performance at all speeds and while thermal climbing, without trading off any handling.

The results from our flight testing confirmed the expectations and add a better start handling because of less static tail heaviness.

Any VR or VQ is upgradable.

last flight of the A-I-R Team for 2013:

Sven with VR190 and Mosquito
Andreas with VQ and e-Lift
Felix with VX and Trike

Thanks to Ingo for the nice movie.

Happy New Year 2014!

The hanggliding club DFC-Vulkaneifel organized together with A-I-R from 18. to 19. August 2013 a demo event for paraglider who want to try an atos. You can fly together with experienced pilots in ATOS biplace VR190 and VX.
For hanggliding pilots it is also possible to try our other ATOS models VQ, VR and VRS.

Please reserve a place for biplace flying
More information:

Oliver send us a nice video from his experience at flying school flymagic while learning to fly a ATOS:

Thanks Oliver!

Aus Tandem/Biplace

You want to learn how to fly a hangglider? But you want it to learn on the best avaiable glider?

The hangliding school FlyMagic near Berlin gives you a direct training on our rigid gliders.

    15. - 21. April Altes Lager near Berlin

    05. May Altes Lager near Berlin

    13. - 17. May Altes Lager near Berlin oder info(at)

Avian gliders are now available from AIR. You can arrange a test flight any time just give us a call.
Avian gliders are manufactured in Derbyshire in the UK.
AIR still supply gliders from both Icaro 2000 and IKARUS.

At the weekend the AIR team test flew the Avian FLY 15 and FLY 17 hang gliders from Avian. (From England)
This single surface (exposed cross tube) glider offers outstanding quality, very nice fittings and the best flight characteristics. The Fly has some interesting features for a single surface glider including a VG.
Other events are already planned with Avian`s other aircraft:
The flexible sports glider the Rio 2 and High performance topless the Evo 2.

You are invited to meet us for testing the ATOS at Monte Grappa from 1.3.2013 to 4.3.2013. You can also see our new ATOS VRS flying.

Please call at +49 8368 9148848

ATOS VRS the new glider for small pilots, but with superior performance.

New wing geometrie:
- accomplish glide ratio and minimum sink comparable to ATOS VR
- small wing but still nice and smooth flying characteristics
- smaller pack size, for easier transports with cable car and by airplane

We want to highlight the very good directional stability and the exact handling. But still the ATOS VRS introduce a new level of manoeuvrability to the ATOS.

technical data (to be approved by certification authority)
wing span: 12 m
weight: ca. 35kg
packing size: 4m
MTOW: 125kg

The glider with certification will be available for season 2013. Serial production has already started and orders are welcome.


Maybe not for record flights but for relaxed soaring at the beach we would like to invite you to Sao Vicente, Brazil starting Friday, 30.11.12. We will have two ATOS VQ with us for test flights.

30.11.-02.12.2012 Sao Vicente/Sao Paulo
03.12.-06.12.2012 Campinas microlight towing
07.12.-09.12.2012 Sao Vicente/Sao Paulo
15.12.-16.12.2012 Florianopolis Sanata Catarina

If you are interested, please inform us by e-mail as we of course may be able to attend your wishes according to the wheather conditions.

Now avaiable with LTF certification. The VR190 for tandem flying, trike usage and solo flights.

With the aerodynamic of our best glider, the ATOS VR, this new ATOS VR190 will greatly extend the applications for this high performance glider.

Technical data:
Weight: 45kg
MTOW: 228kg


Some views from our new ATOS Trike with electric engine.

From 26.5. until 31.5.2012 you are welcome to try out our current ATOS at the lago maggiore.
Please make a reservation in advance at A-I-R +49 8368 9148848.

Aus A-I-R Halblech

Jürgen, very proud of his new made ATOS VQ.

We have moved! Our new adress and contacts are:

A.I.R GmbH
Sesselbahnstr. 8
D-87642 Halblech-Buching

Tel. +49 8368 914 88 48
Fax +49 8368 914 88 49

Looking for a simple method to learn hanggliding basics? Watch Timi having fun with VQ footlaunch on a plain field.

A small video from our latest demo event in Wolfsberg, Austria.
Pilot: Tim Grabowski

This is a nice contribution sent in by our customer Friedhelm Brümmer.

After incorrect rigging (interchange of outer leading edge tubes) a fatal accident with an Atos VQ hanglider occurred. The accident investigation revealed that an interchange of the outer leading edge tubes is both unlikely to occur and be overlooked. Nevertheless the accident investigation did show that there are ways to reduce the risk of incorrect rigging.

In agreement with the DHV the manufacturer A.I.R. GmbH issues the following safety note:

The colour markings on the outer leading edge tubes for right (green) and left (red) will also be placed on the wing spar, so that on the correct rigged glider the same colour markings face each other. Additionally the leading edge tubes will be marked with "left" and "right".

The retrofitting of gliders already in use will be done with the next periodic check. Pilots can also order these stickers and put them on themselves.

Rutesheim, 10.11.2008

Felix Rühle
A-I-R GmbH, Schillerstraße 95, D-71277 Rutesheim

ATOS-VQ, set-up correct
ATOS-VQ, outer leading edge tubes interchanged

All gliders with a newer production date will be fitted with a mechanical protection making the interchanged fitting of the tubes nearly impossible. These can be refitted on all VQ gliders on request.

The DHV safety note can be found here.



A·I·R · GmbH+Co · Sesselbahnstrasse 8 · D- 87642 Halblech/Buching

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